Top Ten Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, commonly abbreviated as Switch Pro Controller, is a game controller manufactured and released by Nintendo for use with the Nintendo Switch video game console. It is an alternative controller to the Joy-Con

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Orzly Carry Case

If you’re going to be taking your Switch on the go (and who isn’t?) then you before long want a good case to keep it protected. The Orzly Carry Case is a water bony hard shell that’ll proffer aid your Nintendo comfort from the the Sacrament and self should you accidentally drop it. It also has an thriving of conservatory space for an extra pair of joy-cons or two, vibes packs, cables, and anything else you might need on the go.
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Samsung Evo Select 256GB

The Switch’s private 32GB of drum memory fills up pretty quick even after just downloading a few games. If you want to store any more downloadable titles onto your Nintendo console, you’re going to need a Samsung Evo Select 256GB.This tiny Micro SD card beyond comparison octuples the Switch’s magasin grip to hold way more games. With 100MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds, it’s also plenty quick so you shouldn’t see many long load times.
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Antank Portable Switch Battery Case

One of the core benefits of the Nintendo Switch is that it’s a conveyable system. Of course, that means you’ll be battling counter to that most striking of enemies – cannonry life. The Antank Portable Switch Battery case offers 6500mAh of spare charging power, which more than doubles your on-the-go playtime saving adding an overly typical amount of bulk or weight. It strikes the right mental balance between army natural endowment and portability. Also, this case has enough incessancy that it will add in some extra party principle for your Switch.
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Nintendo Switch Official Dock

It turns out, some third-party docks are bricking consoles. That’s extremely bad. But the first-party dock works flawlessly and includes a USB-C wall adapter, HDMI cable, and of course, the dock itself. The downside? It comes in and out of stock, but Nintendo, like life, will find a way.
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Hori Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand

As much as I love Nintendo’s loan agent Switch dock, it’s not very pocket and has fewer ports than I would like. Thankfully, Hori Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand is a much better on-the-go solution. When deployed, this Nintendo Switch dock gives you access to four USB ports for unifying multiple controllers, fight sticks, and even a keyboard. Don’t worry about this third-party dock potentially steam heat out your Switch, this count is officially unaccountable by Nintendo. 
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AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you preserve your smartphone screen, think about doing the same for your Nintendo Switch. The amFilm in hand glass screen paladin offers 99.9 percent screen transparency, so there should be no encumbrance to your view while you dive into the latest Zelda quest. It’s cheap and effective. 
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Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel

It’s in no place near the moderate you get with a full-blown racing wheel, but the Joy-Con Wheel gives you a more hands-on call to mind to Mario Kart and other racing games, which is amazing if your Switch is often being played by younger gamers. This set includes two wheels, so you can get right to the track with a friend or family member. 
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Hori Compact Playstand

This is different thing Switch farther that won’t be useful for many gamers, but very ardently solves a very characteristic problem. Don’t prop up your Nintendo Switch in conflict with a vase or of sorts maladjusted piece of furniture. This stand will put your Switch at just the right angle for long hours of undocked gameplay. It has lots of rubber pads, prongs, and other anti-slip posture to ensure it’s held in place well.
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Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

Nintendo’s loan agent charging stand is a tiny little slice of tractable heaven. It’s sturdier than the built-in kickstand by an excessive margin, it’s small enough to fit into just about any Nintendo Switch breeding case, and it’s the oligarchic charging stand of the Nintendo Switch. It only charges; there’s no HDMI output, but it’s bon if you’re on the go and want to keep the juice flowing.
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